How I use Hathora for Wizard Duels

Hey there!

I’ve been developing a game over the last 6 or so months which leverages Hathora to enable real-time PvP multiplayer. The game is called Wizard Duels.


About the game

The game is a top-down point n’ shoot free for all. Originally written with a 2D game client that leveraged PhaserJS, I’m currently in the process of pivoting it to a 3D client which uses react-three-fiber for rendering.

Original 2D (legacy)

New 3D (work in progress)

How I use Hathora

Hathora’s suite of tools have taken a great deal of pain out of the multiplayer-dev process.

My game client leverages the Hathora TypeScript Client SDK for it’s client to read state from the server on game tick and re-render accordingly, along with sending user input such as touches and keystrokes to the server to update the state.

Meanwhile, my game server uses the Hathora TypeScript Server SDK to receive inputs from game clients, and keep track of the core game loop, all the while broadcasting state updates to all connected clients.

Additionally, I’m hosting my game servers on Hathora Cloud to simplify the process to make managing the server and networking infrastructure as simple as possible. This enables me to seamlessly deploy my game’s code on servers across the globe, reducing latency for connected players and increasing their gameplay experiences.

Over the development of Wizard Duels, Hathora has vastly simplified the process of writing the code necessary to create real-time multiplayer gameplay, not to mention taken the stress out of managing a fleet of servers to mitigate latency for my players.

If you’re considering building your own multiplayer game, I’d urge you to look into what Hathora offers and see if it’s the right fit for your game / application.

My guess is you won’t regret it :wink:

I’ll be sure to update this thread once the 3D Wizard Duels client is ready for testing!

Until next time,
Kirk M. (@saricden)


It’s been so cool seeing your progress with Wizard Duels, Kirk. Your feedback along the way has really helped us improve our product.

Looking forward to trying the new 3D Wizard Duels client when it’s ready!

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